About Us

Pseudo-NYM provides privacy services for the Internet.  Our name is a symbol of personal privacy and the services we offer protect personal privacy.  The Internet, with its global reach, has highlighted that need. 

Pseudo-NYM also reflects how we use the Internet.  From Reddit's usernames to GamerTags in online gaming, alternative names are how we use certain sites and services.  Pseudo-NYM offers our subscribers a pseudo-identity for the Internet, that can be used at participating websites, along with other services to protect your privacy:



A Pseudo-Identity is exactly that - a fake identity for the Internet.  A Pseudo-Identity protects your real identity as you travel the Internet.  Your Pseudo-Identity is included in a credential called a Pseudo-ID or 'Pseudo'.  With our 'Bring Your Own Credential' (BYOC) technology, you can use your 'Pseudo' at our partner websites to be recognized for discounts and services - while protecting your real identity.  

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Pseudo-Mail is a fully functional, easy to use, buffer email address that protects  your primary email address.  With Pseudo-Mail, you never have to share your real email address or your real identity.  Pseudo-Mail is a layer of security and privacy around both your email address and your identity.  

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Pseudo-MIME provides additional functionality to Pseudo-Mail.  With Pseudo-MIME and your desktop email client - OutlookTM or Thunderbird - not only is your email encrypted when it leaves your desktop and travels the Internet, it is also stored encrypted.  The only person that can decrypt and read that email is the intended recipient. 

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Pseudo-ChatTM & Video (Coming Soon)


Pseudo-Chat & Video extends the communications built around your Pseudo-Identity.  With Pseudo-Chat & Video, you can chat and video conference with anyone on the Internet while protecting your true identity. 




Pseudo-GraphicsTM (Coming Soon)

Pseudo-Graphics is our data sharing service. Our subscribers - which always remain anonymous - select the personal data and interests associated with their Pseudo-Identity.  When subscribers visit our partner sites, they can be recognized by their 'Pseudo' and offered discounts and other benefits based on their demographics. Our Pseudo-Graphics service enables our subscribers to control the data that is shared with our partners while protecting their privacy.  

1-Click PaywallTM (Coming Soon)

Pseudo's 1-Click Paywall is just that - a secure, simple and fast way to pay for anything online - without having to provide personal information.  Using your pseudo identity and a deposit account, you can 1-Click at partner websites to pay for content or services.  It's that easy and secure.