Content Protection Summit 2021

Pseudo-NYMSM is excited to attend the CDSA’s Content Protection Summit 2021 Virtual Conference.  We are looking forward to meeting decision makers interested in new solutions to address the needs of the video and streaming industries.  At the summit, we will demonstrate our NYMSM technology, which provides an alternative to passwords and MFA while also enhancing the user experience and creating new business opportunities. 


Digital Piracy is Growing

In a widely referenced analysis, a 2019 research report showed online video piracy was responsible for $29.2 billion in lost U.S. revenues, 230,000 lost American jobs, and $47.5 billion in reduced GDP — increasing the U.S. trade deficit, since most piracy sites operate overseas.  With the pandemic going into its 2nd year, these numbers are expected to continue to grow.  

Piracy is an industry wide issue: consumers, partners and vendors are all avenues for content theft and leakage.  One reason piracy is so rampant is the underlying technology used to access content: passwords.  While passwords are familiar and easy to use, they are extremely insecure.  They are easy to share, easy to steal, easy to guess - all resulting in subscription sharing or theft, otherwise known as the ‘Netflix problem’.  Pseudo-NYMSM offers an alternative technology that can both decrease the risk of piracy and enhance the user experience - for consumers, vendors and partners.  


An Alternative to Password - NYMSMs

Pseudo-NYMSM offers an alternative to passwords:‘NYMSMs’.  NYMSMs have the following benefits over passwords:

  • Each NYMSM contains an anonymous, secure, unique identifier that can be used to recognize end users to websites, replacing passwords.  
  • NYMSMs can include the visitor’s email address and be branded (i.e. by a sports team, local newspaper).  The branding can provide demographics on the visitor and the email address allows for quick registration.  
  • NYMSM’s are an ‘opt-in’ technology, which addresses the legal concern of user consent.  
  • NYMSMs can be accepted across a network of websites, replacing all the passwords and MFA solutions at those sites.  NYMSMs provide a single, reusable, common logon. 
  • The underlying technology to utilize NYMSMs is already built into every standard web browser and server on the Internet today, including mobile devices. 

In addition to replacing passwords, NYMSMs enhance the user experience.  NYMSMs provide seamless access to multiple different websites, eliminating the headache of having to remember a password and enter it to gain access to services.  


We will demonstrate how NYMSMs can replace passwords at multiple different websites AND seamlessly grant access with almost no user action - and still do it securely.  Our service enables streaming services and content providers to both protect their content and enhance the user experience - for consumers, employees and partners.  See for yourself how our technology works:


The Opportunity
Pseudo-NYMSM is working with the video and streaming industries to replace passwords with secure, reusable, user managed NYMSMs.  Our solution benefits participating content providers and streaming services by decreasing credential sharing, eliminating multiple, redundant credentials AND providing seamless access to content.