The Online Newspaper Association's 2021 Conference


Pseudo-NYMSM is excited to attend the Online News Association’s ONA21 Virtual Conference.  We are looking forward to meeting decision makers interested in new solutions to revitalize the news industry.  At ONA21, we will demonstrate our NYMSM technology, which provides an alternative to 3rd party cookies, enhances the user experience and creates new business opportunities. 


Concerns with 3rd Party Cookies

Consumers have grown acutely aware of their privacy online and the way advertisers and websites track their activities as they travel the internet.  A visitor to a search engine may be inundated with ads when they visit other sites - all related to that first visit to the search engine.  Concerns regarding online privacy and tracking of visitors have led to changes in privacy laws in different countries and technical changes in the way web browsers function.  


NYMSMs - An Alternative to 3rd Party Cookies

Pseudo-NYMSM offers an alternative to 3rd party cookies:‘NYMSMs’. NYMSMs have the following benefits over 3rd party cookies:

  • Each NYMSM contains an anonymous, unique identifier that can be used to recognize first time or repeat visitors to websites for targeted advertising.  
  • NYMSMs can include the visitor’s email address and be branded (i.e. by a sports team, local newspaper).  The branding can provide demographics on the visitor and the email address allows for quick registration.  
  • NYMSM’s are an ‘opt-in’ technology, which addresses the legal concern of user consent.  The underlying technology also decreases the risk of click fraud.
  • Just like 3rd party ‘cookies’, NYMSMs can be recognized across the network of websites that accept them, both at individual sites and collectively across all sites in the network.  
  • The underlying technology to utilize NYMSMs is already built into every standard web browser and server on the Internet today, including mobile devices. 

In addition to replacing 3rd party cookies, NYMSMs enhance the user experience.  One NYMSM can quickly and easily identify unknown visitors to a website - both the first time they visit and when they visit again.  That same NYMSM can be used to identify visitors that have taken the time to register.  Finally, NYMSMs can be used to identify paying subscribers.



At ONA21, we will demonstrate how NYMSMs seamlessly identify visitors and subscribers to multiple different websites that utilize our service.  Our service enables online newspapers to enhance the user experience for visitors and subscribers, offer better targeted advertising and partner with other sites to offer bundled services.  See for yourself how our technology works:


The Opportunity

Pseudo-NYMSM would like to work with online newspapers and other content providers to replace 3rd party cookies with opt-in, visitor managed NYMSMs.  Our solution benefits participating sites by providing visitors ease of access to all websites in the network AND a consistent identity that can be used for better targeted advertising - all without 3rd party cookies.   In the future, Pseudo-NYMSM will offer additional services including digital rights management and micropayments for à la carte, ‘pay as you go’ access to content.