Pseudo-Mail is a fully functional, ad free, analytics free, secure email service.  Linked to your Pseudo Identity, Pseudo-Mail provides a layer of protection around your primary email address and your true identity.  With Pseudo-Mail you can send, receive and reply to email under your Pseudo Identity.  You never have to disclose your true identity or email address.

For convenience, your Pseudo-Mail account can be linked to your primary email account.  By linking with your primary email, you can release email from Pseudo-Mail to your primary account - with just 1 click.  Pseudo-Mail provides the benefits of a secure, consistent, anonymous email burner account with the ease of use an email forwarder.

Pseudo-Mail protects your privacy online and minimizes spam to your primary email account:

  • Ad free - we do not have ads on our site.
  • Crawler free - we do not read or perform any analytics for any reason.
  • 1 Click Release.  Emails sent to your Pseudo-Mail may be important and should be managed from your primary address.  With one click, those emails can be released to your primary account.  
  • HTTPS Everywhere.  
  • Seamless, secure, MFA access to your account using your Pseudo-ID.  
  • Support for Pseudo-MIME, an optional service to encrypt your email while in storage, which ensures no one can read it except the intended recipient.